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Energy storage is quickly evolving from a 'nice to have' to 'need to have' for many businesses, municipalities, corporations and even households. At ABS, we’re developing energy storage systems to meet this growing demand. Whether you’re looking to power the grid or power your business, we offer systems that are easy to install, easy to operate and ease the strain on your energy reserves. Get in touch with an ESS expert today to inquire about our upcoming product launches.

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Prior to their time at American Battery Solutions, many of our team members were involved in developing the world’s first self-contained 2MWh energy storage system, setting the industry standard in safety, reliability and innovation.1 Backed by experience and expertise, they are continuing this innovative work at ABS, helping to develop highly reliable, safe and low cost systems for the energy storage market.

1 In 2007, a small group of individuals at A123 systems designed the world's first, self-contained 2MWh energy storage system for the AES Corporation, which went on to set the standard for the industry in safety, reliability and innovation. This same team has come together again at American Battery Solutions to continue to set the standard for innovation and safety in the energy storage markets.

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We understand the risks associated with deploying grid scale ESS systems. That's why we’ve designed our energy storage systems to mitigate these risks and maximize operational efficiency.

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