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At American Battery Solutions Inc., we design and manufacture safe, efficient, and reliable energy storage systems that are easy to purchase, install, operate, and maintain.

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Energy Storage is supposed to be EASY
  • ABS-ESS configurators make it easy to determine the appropriate amount of storage for your application
  • ABS-ESS products are the most energy-dense per footprint to fit into space-challenged sites
  • ABS-ESS configurators make it easy to plan for your project’s entire service life
  • Comprehensive documentation up front enables estimation of all costs throughout each project’s service life, from site construction, and installation through operation to  recycling
  • ABS-ESS products enable the industry’s lowest levelized cost of usable storage (LCUS) to the market
  • TeraStor™ arrives factory-packaged and tested, eliminating major on-site component integration
  • TeraStor™ is intermodal complaint, making it easy to transport and place on-site
  • TeraStor™ requires basic foundation support, minimizing construction costs
  • TeraStor™ requires minimal connections, reducing on-site electrical work
  • TeraStor™ is self-powered, eliminating on-site auxiliary infrastructure
  • TeraStor™ is self-cooling, eliminating all on-site HVAC installation
  • Each TeraStor™ is unloaded, placed, connected, and ready for commissioning within six hours
  • Reliable
  • TeraStor™ engineered to optimize lithium-ion performance and cell life
  • TeraStor™ design minimizes stranded energy capacity, delivering greater output and availability throughout the system life
  • TeraStor™ eliminates over 180,000 components compared to traditional ESS systems, bringing greater reliability over the life of the system
  • TeraStor's system redundancy is a core design principle, mitigating points of failure, with greater system uptime
  • TeraStor's highly engineered cooling system, precisely manages the system operating temperature for enhanced system availability
  • Efficient
  • Lithium-ion battery storage technology is >95% efficient – system level efficiency
  • TeraStor™ incorporates the latest high efficiency PCS technology
  • TeraStor™ auxiliary power uses less than 2% of the total energy cycled
  • Easy to Control
  • State-of-the-art, single point battery management system uses advanced algorithms to monitor & control all aspects of each TeraStor™ and the entire site
  • StorView™ easy-to-use interface enables intuitive set-up, control, and operation
  • StorView™ interface easily couples with known third-party energy management systems
  • Warranty conditions are continuously compared against original and current expectations to proactively plan for changing application requirements
  • Modular energy and power conversion components provide high availability
  • Capacity is simple to maintain and augment
  • TeraStor™ requires minimal connections, reducing on-site electrical work

  • End-of-Life
  • Battery cells can be easily recycled in partnership with industry-leading, certified lithium-ion recyclers

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