ABS-ESS Solutions

ABS-ESS Solutions

We’ve designed and manufactured an entirely new line of energy storage products to meet the needs of grid energy storage, deployment, operation, and energy management for the next 20 years.  

Every detail in our ABS-ESS products makes them fundamentally easier to purchase, install, maintain and operate than any other energy storage alternative available today.


Grid Scale Storage: TeraStor™

Grid-scale energy storage systems range in size from 100 MWh to multiple GWh’s. Even as large as these sites may be, hundreds of thousands of them will be required to enable the global grids to operate from renewable energy alone by the year 2050. 

The all-in-one, energy-dense TeraStor™ is factory assembled and tested, and it arrives on-site ready for installation and commissioning in just six hours. With an industry’s lowest number of install connections, the self-powered, self-cooled, and self-managed unit significantly reduces on-site installation time and cost.

TeraStor’s unique architecture significantly reduces the number of parts and potential points of failure compared to any of its competitors, reducing O&M costs.  High availability, high reliability, minimal maintenance, low operating costs, and superior ease of use, make TeraStor™ the most valuable tool to perform a variety of grid market functions. 

Market Function:

TeraStor™ can operate in multiple energy markets such as renewable firming, capacity assurance, peak-shedding, and energy shifting. Its 7+ MWh blocks of energy can easily be factory configured with 2, 3, 4, and even 8 hours of full-load power delivery. 

In addition to hardware flexibility, the ABS “StorView” software platform is easily configurable to optimize the long-term performance of the energy storage without compromising the value storage brings to its owners and the grid.

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ABS_ESS MeterStor

Commercial & Industrial Storage: MeterStor™

MeterStor™ is designed to readily connect to commercial buildings behind the meter and instantly decrease demand charges, reduce peak vs off-peak energy usage, increase power quality and even generate revenue while participating in markets providing energy, capacity, or ancillary services.

Market Function:

MeterStor™ can be configured to move a substantial portion of commercial energy usage from peak to off-peak periods, instantly saving money for its owners. In addition, MeterStor™ adaptive control algorithms can level the peak loads during critical periods to avoid months worth of demand charges. 

If your building has a solar array, you can easily configure MeterStor™ to save excess solar power and spread it over the remaining part of the day to maximize its revenue potential. Capturing more of the sun’s energy can not only help to decrease your electricity costs, but it can help to enhance your business’s brand and public image.

Coupled with the right electrical infrastructure, MeterStor™ can keep your organization running during power outages, by providing islanded power to critical loads.

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Solar Plus Storage:  SkyStor™

PV sites large and small are subject to techno-economic forces. If the grid or the connection to the grid is overwhelmed by an excessive amount of power, the PV system must curtail its output, thus wasting a huge opportunity to generate power.

SkyStor™ is designed to efficiently accept PV energy directly from its output, and seamlessly deliver it to the grid when needed most. Located right on the PV output, SkyStor™ also maximizes the grid efficiency by reducing the variation in power seen by the grid due to the sun’s natural variability.

This close coupling of PV and energy storage can also generate tax advantages, permitting efficiencies, and higher PPA values.

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