The all-in-one, energy-dense TeraStor™ is factory assembled and tested, and it arrives on-site and ready for commissioning in just six hours. With an industry-low number of install connections, the self-powered, self-cooled, and self-managed unit significantly reduces on-site installation and O&M costs. Under the hood, TeraStor’s unique architecture significantly reduces the number of parts and potential points of failure compared to any of its competition. 

Highest density in the industry with over 300MWh per acre and 600 MWh per acre if double stacked

A single-point control interface reduces EMS integration costs and reduces system complexity

Lower operating losses and reduced maintenance costs, increase profit potential



AC Energy CP2 - CP/4
7 MWh min
AC Output Power
0.9 - 3.6 MVA
AC Output Voltage
690 Vac 3Ph
Power Configuration Options
Increments of 900 kW
AC Round Trip Efficiency
88% CP/2, 91% CP/4
Operating DC Voltage Range
1150 Vdc - 1560 Vdc
Dimensions (L/W/H)
26.2' Long x 12.4' Wide x 8.2' Height
Weight per Quarter Block
< 45,000 lbs (No special transportation permits)
IP Rating
Seismic Rating
Zone 4 IBC, CBC
Integrated Liquid Cooling
Operating Temperature Range
-30°C -50°C2
3000 meters1
Energy Management
ABS - integrated
Battery Management
ABS-5th Generation Management System
External Interface
Standard Communication Data Sets
System Response Time
< 100 ms to full power4
Power Conversion System
Fully integrated and factory tested
Reactive Power
4 quadrant 100%
45-65 Hz compatible
Installation time from Landing onsite to Cold Commissioning
6-hour installation
Installation handling
Density per Acre
> 300 MWh / Acre
Auxiliary Power
Self Generated
System Certification
UL9540, IEC61508
Component Certification
UL 1642, NFPA 69, NFPA 855, IEC 62619, IEC 6100-XX, UN38.3 UL1973, UL991, UL1741SA
Fire Suppression
UL9540A tested (Dry Pipe, Optional)
Deflagrations Panels

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TeraStor™ SAFETY

TeraStor™ Safety

TeraStor™ is engineered for the utmost safety, driven by a design philosophy that instills safety at every level of the system and isolates faults as close to the source as possible. TeraStor™ incorporates multiple layers of safety, starting with the cell chemistry, then moving through the cell design, modules, containers, and installed system. 

Furthermore, to support safe operation and installation in most worldwide jurisdictions, TeraStor unit is certified for compliance with US and international directives and standards including FCC, EN, IEC, UL, CE, NFPA, ANSI/IEEE, NEMA, RoHS, Proposition 65, REACH, and more.

Battery Supercell Level Safety

  • Three independent sensors monitor and report each cell-level voltage in a battery string for the ultimate in redundant over- and under-voltage protection.
  • Over 3,000 independent sensors monitor the temperature throughout the TeraStor™ enclosure to provide a high-resolution, full 3D temperature map while in operation.
  • Supercell-level balancing electronics to maintain cells’ state-of-charge to maximize the system’s usable capacity. 
  • Redundant Supercell-level monitoring signals guarantee protection against damaging over-voltage conditions.

Battery Level Safety

The BMS monitors and controls the conditions in and around the battery system to ensure safe operating conditions.

Each battery system contains a High Voltage DC Isolation (DCI) switch for autonomous protection and maintenance isolation purposes.

Enclosure & Site Level Safety

TeraStor’s all-in-one architecture allows you to monitor and control its environment, power, energy, health, and history to ensure operation within safe parameters. In addition to industry-standard battery monitoring parameters, TeraStor™ also monitors humidity, cell-vent gasses, ground-insulation, smoke, heat-rates, and other parameters within the enclosure to manage the safe operation of the system.


Capital Cost

With its unique architecture, TeraStor™ enables the lowest non-cell part count and cost of any other storage product on the market today, while its high-energy density affords the lowest balance of plant cost per system. TeraStor™ reduces the balance-of-plant site materials during installation. 

Installation Schedule

TeraStor™ arrives factory-tested, is simple to install, and commissioning can begin in just six hours. The reduced field work accelerates installation and commissioning schedules, and COD (commercial operating date)deadlines are more certain with TeraStor™.

Installation Cost

The TeraStor™ unit is self-powered, self-cooled, and self-managed, eliminating the need for on-site auxiliary power, costly sitework, auxiliary power transformers, and other infrastructure. TeraStor's factory-packaged-and-tested solution includes its own DC/AC power conversion, auxiliary power system, cooling and heating equipment, and basic energy management functions. TeraStor™ is designed to be intermodal compliant for easy shipping and placement on-site.

Operating Cost

TeraStor’s product architecture minimizes the impact of aging cells, resulting in less stranded capacity, lower operating costs, less downtime, and fewer augmentations. The TeraStor’s unique architecture eliminates tens of thousands of parts, twenty-five times less than competitors’ offerings, greatly reducing potential failure points, producing higher reliability, and redundancy. TeraStor™ produces higher available capacity with fewer requirements for augmentation, resulting in more predictable aging. Furthermore, the onboard auxiliary power system and engineered cooling system reduces site auxiliary power consumption over comparable alternatives.



The revolutionary new approach to large-scale energy storage.