The ALLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™ is our best selling, low-voltage battery series. These highly efficient batteries serve a variety of uses, from powering light electric vehicles, to running material handling and robotics, marine propulsion and much more. Our highest energy solutions offer the greatest power and range in their class. ALLIANCE batteries also serve as perfect drop-in retrofits for lead-acid batteries.

We offer a range of standard off-the-shelf options for turnkey solutions, as well as custom battery systems—all engineered and manufactured in the U.S. Find an option that works for you, connect and go.



The I24V-3.0 is a true lead-acid drop-in replacement that can power utility vehicles, floor cleaning equipment, pallet jacks and mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP). This scalable, industry-standard GC2 size form factor offers the highest energy content and power handling capabilities on the market. It also comes with fast charging capabilities and gets more runtime between charges, all with zero maintenance.



The I48V-3.0 battery system is highly efficient and serves a variety of uses. It comes in an industry-standard GC2 size form factor with the highest energy content on the market. It’s perfect for drop-in retrofits of lead-acid batteries in motive power applications like golf cars, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) and other industrial equipment. CANbus for OEM (CANopen or CAN2.0a).

Alliance features and benefits

More power to you

At American Battery Solutions, we pride ourselves on building high quality systems backed by 40+ years of automotive battery experience. And it shows.

  • Modular battery solutions – can be connected in series or in parallel, or both
  • Scalable – energy ranging from 25 kWh – 100s kWh
  • Multi-chemistry support
  • Vehicle and charger connections
  • Multi-contactor design
  • Fast-charger support
  • 12V or 24V Powernet
  • Pre-charge capability
  • Liquid cooling (water/glycol mix)
  • Custom pump or heater control integration 
  • ASIL-C Functional Safety
  • HVIL
  • SAE J1939 CAN communications
  • SOC, SOH
  • Passive Balancing
  • UDS Diagnostics
  • AutoSAR-like environment

Custom solutions

Looking for something designed to your needs?
We can work on a system that works best for you.

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alliance upgrade

Upgrade from lead-acid to lithium-ion

Still running your applications on lead-acid batteries? ALLIANCE low-voltage batteries are the perfect drop-in retrofit replacement for lead-acid batteries.

Cost effective
Get better cost of ownership over time with a longer lasting battery
Maintenance free
Benefit from zero maintenance and no wasted time on upkeep
Long lasting
Get many more cycles and longer operation between charges
Higher capacity
Higher energy density and capacity means more power for longer 
Fast charging
Minimize downtime with fast charging capabilities—then get going 
Zero emissions 
Power the future of clean energy with an emission-free source
Alliance Applications

Direct applications

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ALLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™

Standardized low-voltage lithium-ion battery systems