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Introducing the PROLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™, our latest high-voltage propulsion lithium-ion batteries. These battery systems are designed for rigorous use in commercial electric vehicles, large industrial electric vehicle applications and marine propulsion. Built for scalability, our modular battery packs can be connected in series or parallel. We offer a range of standard off-the-shelf options for turnkey solutions, as well as custom battery systems—all engineered and manufactured in the U.S. Find an option that works for you, connect and go.


T350V Series

Ranging from 50 - 100 kWh of energy, our T350 battery systems are designed for scalability to meet your exact energy needs. Additionally, integrated liquid cooling and state-of-the-art battery management systems help to regulate battery performance.



Our 700V high voltage lithium ion battery packs can be connected in parallel to meet higher energy requirements. We offer our 700V 100 kWh solution for medium and heavy duty commercial electric vehicles.

Proliance features and benefits

More power to you

At American Battery Solutions Inc., we pride ourselves in building high-quality systems backed by 40+ years of automotive battery experience. And it shows.


  • Modular battery solutions – can be connected in series or in parallel, or both
  • Scalable – energy ranging from 25 kWh – 100s kWh
  • Multi-chemistry support
  • Vehicle and charger connections
  • Multi-contactor design
  • Fast-charger support
  • 12V or 24V Powernet
  • Pre-charge capability


  • Liquid cooling (water/glycol mix)
  • Custom pump or heater control integration 


  • HVIL
  • SAE J1939 CAN communications
  • SOC, SOH
  • UDS Diagnostics
  • Passive Balancing
  • AutoSAR-like environment

Custom solutions

Looking for something designed to your needs?
We can work on a system that works best for you.

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proliance SOLUTIONS

The next generation of electric mobility

Our PROLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™ is designed to help solve the key challenges of electrification.

Fully integrated battery packs—utilizing the highest energy cells on the market—resulting in longer range performance.
Designed to match the life of their vehicles by using long-life, high-quality cells, eliminating the need for mid-cycle replacement.
Feature common designs with consolidating lower volume programs to allow for volume cell pricing and competitive market-based rates.
Offer tiered levels of automotive grade functional safety, like thermal propagation protection, overcharge and discharge protection.
Designed for the battery circular economy using highly recyclable materials and partnering with material recyclers.
Zero emissions 
An emission-free source of energy that you can feel good about, powering the future of clean energy and alternative solutions.
proliance Applications

Direct applications

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PROLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™

High-quality, high-voltage lithium-ion battery systems