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How long has ABS been in business?

ABS was founded in 2019 and in December of 2023 became a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd.

Where is ABS located?

ABS headquarters and engineering innovation center is located in Lake Orion, Michigan (about 30 miles north of Detroit). ABS manufacturing is located in Springboro, Ohio.

Where are ABS batteries manufactured?

All ABS batteries are manufactured in our 170,000sqft Springboro, Ohio dedicated battery manufacturing innovation center.

What does the Komatsu acquisition mean?

ABS will continue to support and expand our current customer base in off-highway, commercial vehicles, and industrial electrification efforts, and to position the company to capitalize on the rapidly expanding battery systems market globally.

ABS will support Komatsu’s global CO2 reduction targets and electrification strategies.

How do I contact ABS?

You can reach us at our website at or by emailing us at

What products does ABS offer?

ABS offers both off-the-shelf and custom lithium-ion battery solutions ranging from 24V up to 800V and from 3kWh to over 110kWh.

How do I start the process of inquiring about a custom battery pack?

We would love to hear from you and your needs for a custom battery pack. Please visit our “Contact Us” page at or email us at

What are ABS’ off-the-shelf batteries?

ABS offers our ProLiance Intelligent BatterySeries™ brand of high voltage battery packs and our Alliance Intelligent Battery Series™ brand of low voltage battery packs.

The ProLiance family includes our T350-50, 350V50kWh pack with series and parallel configurability and DCFC option. Our T700-100,700V 100kWh pack with parallel and DCFC capability will be available early2025.

The Alliance family includes our I24, 24V 3kWh pack and I48, 48V 3kWh packs with parallel scalability, integrated BMS and CAN communications.

Where can I find the company brochure?

You can find our ABS company brochure here.

What are the markets that ABS works in?

Today ABS delivers products into the transit bus, last mile delivery, lawn maintenance, recreational marine, mining, and construction, light electric vehicles, material handling and robotics, and maintenance industrial markets.

Where can I meet the ABS team?

ABS participates in various events throughout the year, to find our coming event visit our events page here.

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