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American Battery Solutions, An Endeavour by Subhash Dhar to Deliver Advanced Battery Solutions


Founded in 2019, led by an experienced business leader with about four decades of accumulated wisdom, Subhash Dhar, American Battery Solutions is engaged in developing, designing, and manufacturing complete Li-Ion battery battery systems for the electrification of vehicles and industrial equipment including stationary storage applications.

Since its inception, Mr Dhar has been spearheading the firm as the Chairman & CEO. Under his thoughtful and innovative leadership, the firm has emerged as a prominent leader in manufacturing advanced battery systems. Earlier, he was the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Energy Power Systems from January 2011 to April 2017 and CEO of XALT Energy, a leading manufacturer of Li-Ion batteries from January 2014 to April 2017.

Previously, Mr Dhar served as the Chairman & CEO of Envia Systems, a Bay Area company engaged in developing advanced Li-Ion battery technology. Prior to that, he was the founding President of ECD-Ovonic Battery Company during 1982 through 2003, where he developed and commercialized Nickel Metal hydride
battery which today’s hybrid electric vehicles on a global basis & which became the backbone of the Prius hybrid cars in the late ’90s. He set up business alliances and manufacturing operations in Japan, China, Europe, and the US. He also served as the President of Ovonic Fuel Cell Company where he developed a novel regenerative low-cost fuel cell.

Mr Dhar has also served as Vice-Chairman of EnerDel and President of its parent Ener1 Inc; CEO of Eletra Hybrid Bus; a company based in Brazil. He also served as the CEO of PlasmaDrive, a company engaged in the development of novel combustion technology.

He has also been involved in many aspects of alternative and advanced technology including hydrogen generation, hydrogen storage, and Fuel Cells. Subhash Dhar is a co-inventor of over 40 US patents and has
co-authored more than 45 technical papers and delivered dozens of invited keynote addresses at numerous global energy and automotive conferences. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Curtis Instruments for 15 years.

He has a master’s in engineering management and Chemical Engineering from the University of Detroit and Institute of Technology, India.


As a leading industrial and commercial electric vehicle battery manufacturer in the USA, ABS produces high-quality lithium-ion batteries with automotive quality DNA and with the power of experience.

Their customers are part of the electrification industry primarily in the industrial, commercial, and other related markets including bus and commercial vehicle manufacturers. The team at ABS has collectively, helped launch some of the industry’s most well-known programs with OEM’s like General Motors, Fiat
Chrysler, BMW, Daimler-Mercedes, and others. Their mission is to create a cleaner future by leading the
transition from fossil fuel based propulsion to electric power trains as well as grid connected energy storage

“Building a team from scratch was one of the biggest challenges. We continue to build a world-class team; people are the most critical and valuable assets that we have as a company” shared Subash Dhar while talking about the hurdles of early days.

storage solutions provider. Mr Dhar is working every day with ABS’s highly skilled and talented team members. He looks forward to continuing to build a culture of camaraderie and balancing good work/life for everyone in the company.


The Inspiration behind the Initiation
Mr Dhar apprised, “I have always been interested in clean energy, electrification of vehicles and have worked in clean-tech since 1981. My philosophy is to leave this world in better condition than we inherited it from our predecessors which can be achieved through science, technology, and human partnerships.”

The “Secret Sauce”

Having the conviction in making the world a better place and working with an extremely talented group of people and staying focused on the mission to improve the quality of life through science and technology.

Suggestions to Create a More Balanced and Equal Industry
Define your mission and goals and identify critical paths to achieve them. Develop and nurture teams and provide them with the necessary tools, guidance, and encouragement to help them achieve those goals. Also, being a good listener is important.

Churchill Walking with Destiny biography by Andrew Roberts. Churchill inspires with his leadership qualities and how he manages through tough and adverse challenges. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson about science, culture, and how the modern-day science world has evolved.


  • 30 most influential companies of the year – CIO Bulletin 2020
  • Top 10 EV solutions providers – Autotech Outlook
  • The World’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2021 – American Registry
  • Several recognitions by industry trade organizations and academic institutions.
  • Inventor of over 45 US Patents
  • Authored over 45 technical papers

Don’t take no for an answer, fight every step of the way, treat everyone fairly and encourage team building, education, equality, and fairness. There have been many successful women leaders, and there is a need to continue to cultivate and support that growth.