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Battery Bonanza!

January 1, 2022

The role of power in today’s economy cannot be understated, with batteries playing a crucial role in the storage of the energy that keeps businesses on the move. Constant development means that businesses are always looking for the latest developments. Leading the way forward is the team at American Battery Solutions. We take a closer look to find out more.

When American Battery Solutions opened its doors in 2019, the aim was to provide a place for the design and manufacture of modular battery solutions for transportation, industrial and commercial markets in North America, Europe, and the world at large. It was not an easy task, but it was one the team approached with gusto. In just two years, the business has become a leader in the industry for those who want a battery that can go the extra mile.

At the heart of the firm is the world-class team of battery systems experts. These talented engineers have a deep understanding of what makes batteries work and a desire to push this technology not only to its limits, but beyond. Their conception of automotive-grade battery systems from concept development and prototyping to testing and validation, straight through to high volume production means that the team can offer something that is unique and highly valuable in today’s economy. They offer a one-stop-shop solution for the latest battery demands.

Operating out of an established 170,000 sq. ft manufacturing footprint in Ohio and a 40,000 sq. ft engineering tech center in Michigan, they have been able to make a real impact on the industry at large. Few could argue with the fact that American Battery Solutions has not only become a name to be recognized, but a renowned name too. Since being established, the Ohio factory has been able to produce more than 60,000 high-voltage batteries for the automotive market. Already, demand for this exciting technology has seen these facilities are beginning to produce ABS’ products on an unprecedented scale.

The tech center that is the heart of many of these innovations has grown to include some of the most exciting features on the market. Not content with where battery technology currently lies, the team is exploring their ability to deliver full cell, module and pack cycle testing with some of the largest pack testing thermal chambers in North America. This incredible flexibility has lain at the heart of the company since its inception. The team also have access to their own advanced flexible module pilot and prototype line capable of building cylindrical, prismatic or pouch type cell modules using both laser welding and wire/ribbon bonding techniques. In a world that is constantly changing, it’s little wonder that the companies that explore new ways of working make more rapid progress.

The success of this approach can be seen in the team’s all new Alliance E48-2.0 as the first product in the ALLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™ of lithium-ion batteries for motive and industrial applications. This proprietary design is designed to act as the progenitor for an exciting range that will revolutionize the way in which the battery industry is seen. Needless to say, the team has put quality first and foremost at every stage of development, with the highest quality cells, automotive-grade electronics, and high-quality US-based manufacturing in a robust IP67 waterproof package. It’s the perfect basis on which to provide an alternate energy solution for low-speed electric vehicles, utility vehicles and industrial machines.

The electrification of vehicles is happening at an incredibly rapid rate, and part of the key to this has been the steady transition from lead acid batteries to Li-Ion. The team at American Battery Solutions know that their customers expect more range, longer run-time, and longer lifetimes without the hassle of battery maintenance, and the new ALLIANCE Series from ABS delivers on this promise. As the first battery hits the shelves, it is easy to see how a whole line of products in this vein can be developed. Already in research and development is an Industrial series of batteries based on the industry standard GC2 form factor. This series of Alliance Intelligent Batteries Series ™ will include a 24V and 48Voptions all with 3kWh of energy, ideal for anyone who is looking for an electrification solution.

As well as various other innovations and developments, the team at American Battery Solutions is also preparing for the launch of a high-voltage series of products targeted at electric delivery vehicles, as well as trucks, buses, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and mining vehicles. The firm will be working with the emerging EV start-up companies as well as recognized light, medium, and heavy-duty manufacturers to ensure that these high-voltage products meet every need imaginable. PROLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™ will include both 350V and 650V versions, in 50kWh and 100kWh increments that are scalable in series, as well as in parallel.

Part of the key to this new line is a uniformity that can be transferred across the different batteries. When American Battery Solutions began their work, they considered the needs that their clients would have. Working primarily with those in an industrial setting demanded that the team’s solutions be highly versatile, maintenance-free, and robust in the extreme. Delivering on these promises has not been easy but has resulted in a line that is carefully designed to be easily implemented across a range of vehicle sizes. A customer’s entire portfolio can be supported with a simple, single solution.

This system is unique to American Battery Solutions and showcases how their approach sets them apart, as well as above and beyond, the competition. The “Intelligent” Battery Management System (BMS) allows modules to be easily added in parallel without the need for reprogramming. This effectively makes Li-Ion battery installation an easy retrofit, creating battery systems that have half the size and weight of lead acid batteries while offering zero-maintenance and longer life. As with all of the team’s offerings, there is an attitude that champions clear engineering solutions that save the customer time and money.

The growth of American Battery Solutions has been incredible, and the development of what the team has been able to offer has been exemplary. In a world that is in flux, the team has found a way to make their solutions universal and easily implemented. By listening to customers, they have produced something that can be handled like a lead-acid battery, making upgrades much more straightforward. It’s one thing to suggest a way forward that transforms the industry, but real change is done by taking what is already there and implementing something brand new.

With battery systems that have been included in some of the most well-known automotive programs, from the GM EV1 to the Chevrolet Volt, it’s little wonder that the American Battery Solutions team has achieved such success. Their work has become the standard within the industry, and the team have only just gotten started. With their capacity constantly growing, we are sure to see this name because infamous in energy circles for years to come.